• Technical Support

    YES! We’ll fix your computer. Solicit technical support for your: Desktops || Laptops || Home Networks || Office Networks. We can also help you Integrate Technology Solutions in the Home, Office and Classroom. Technology Workshops are available for: Basic Computer Knowledge || Social Media || Blogging || Software || And many others…!

  • SEO and SMO

    Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization for you website and business. Get found, get noticed. We optimize your website’s presence on the internet in order to gain a competitive spot on search results. Your business is nothing without your costumers. We can help you build an audience through the top social media websites.

  • Web Design

    Need a personal webpage? Or maybe you need a website to expose your business. Allow us to build it for you. Already have a webpage? We can maintain, and provide technical support through our Webmaster services.

  • Graphic design and Photography

    We provide high quality Digital Designs, Stock Photo Licensing and Image Manipulations (such as restorations and compositions). Hand made crafts and Visuals are also available for that unique approach to your visual design. We also make Composite Cards, Modeling Shots and/or photography products (such as calendars, post cards, posters, photo-gifts, and more!)